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Never have I ever seen something this disgusting. How can someone say such things to another human being? This is wrong. Absolutely disgusting and wrong. 
This little girl was FIGHTING FOR HER LIFE. She had to live with the fact that she would die sooner than most. This beautiful little child has more heart than anyone. She got to meet her hero, and I thank Selena Gomez everyday for fulfilling Hana’s wishes. <3 This little girl is so brave, strong, beautiful and loving. She was always always smiling, no matter what. She had to live with this disease, but it never brought her down. Selena was her hero, well now Hana is my hero. Anyone who is this disgusting.. Who has the nerve to say such horrible things about a little child… I have no words for you. I cannot even express how upset and angry I am. This is not okay. It is not.
Please spread the word. People need to know that it is NOT okay to say disgusting things. People need to know who Hana was and that she deserved a beautiful life. <3

OMFG!!! those comments. -.-’ Show some respect bitch.
Rest in peace sweetie. <3